What Is a Government Shutdown?

What Is a Government Shutdown?

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In many case, the shutdown allows an organization to maintain or reorganize in order to operate as intended with the support of its members and the general public.

What Are the Resources Needed?

In order to provide the government with the necessary resources to maintain and reorganize through the shutdown, the Department of Justice has some resources available. While the government can only operate for three years at an annual average of about $5 million per year, there is a certain portion of that annual budget that is allocated for programs which are operating normally. A single program is deemed to be an "architectural benefit program" rather than an "office of government," which means that a department is not needed to fulfill an "architectural benefit program" unless the entire budget includes an "architectural benefit program." See "Other Resources."

In order to provide the funding under the budget to carry out the shutdown, the Office of Management and Budget is required to complete quarterly budget reports on its website, which include budget information regarding the resources utilized in the shutdown and other information about the federal government. These reports are in addition to the appropriations, and they are available at http://www.ombob.gov.

During the shutdown, the Office of Management and Budget has a process to prepare and release any appropriations and the department can use the report to review, determine the effectiveness, potential impact, and other measures required to meet the shutdown objectives. To help prepare the budget for any part of the shutdown and to provide a clear picture of the necessary resources, the Office of Management and Budget is responsible for providing the following resources:

Emergency Response Team:


Finance Program Grants


Other Funding (Not yet reported):


For more information, please feel free to call 1-800-663-6774. To view our list of emergency response efforts, you may download links to the list below

Public Programs

Federal Emergency Management Agency



How much is the National Guard Available?

The military consists of the following members (in alphabetical order):

National Guard


Air Force

Special Operations

Transportation Guard

Veterans Affairs

Radiators, Soldiers, Marines

Including Military Operations

The military, which was created in 1855 and consists of 3,400 personnel, comprises 1,000 armed forces, 1,000 civilian agencies and 1,000 agencies of private sector operators. Most of this military organization is composed of private and military employees, or employees of the military. The U.S. Government provides $500 million in annual appropriations over 9 years and all appropriations are set aside for this program. The military is not subject to financial or other obligation.

How do the Veterans Assistance Programs work?

The Veterans Assistance and Transition Assistance Program (VAP) is an open source project that provides a comprehensive training program to help ensure that eligible Veterans obtain and maintain the basic services and benefits provided.

The National Guard is dedicated to carrying out the needs of the military service members in the community when they are deployed. This is because the Department of Defense (DoD), through the Veterans Benefits Administration (VBSA) through the Veterans Administration (VAAP), is required to maintain and issue veterans welfare and personal benefits benefits and veterans benefits as a condition of employment. The VAAP is responsible for distributing all benefits in such a manner that all beneficiaries may receive as part of the program.

Can I Have My Military Service Members Online?

If you wish to serve in your Armed Forces for any purpose outside of the military, your military service members can be online and they can request an appointment with your VAAP office. The VAAP office has the ability to process applications and to respond immediately to the request.

Can the VAAP process the Military Personnel Records online or on your local computer or mobile phone?

This online process can be made on-line using one of the following two methods:

(1) One local service agency or contractor (CSC or ETC) will handle the request on your behalf using WebDAV or the Service Records portal. The request will be handled by your VAAP office and will have instructions about what information to include and how to find the records.

(2) If an online service account at the VAAP will provide access to information directly from the Veterans Administration or VAAP, you will receive a mail-in document in that state on the request to provide your email address when you request an appointment for a private visit, when you request a public appointment or when you have your office in your home. All of your Veterans Affairs/VAAP records will be emailed to you via a private email address. The service agencies and contractors to whom you were authorized to apply will communicate this information to you using this service account.

If you are interested in receiving information, an online service account can be created using your VAAP address.

What if My VAAP office does not provide the information they require?

In some instances, the Service Records portal may have to be closed because your service member requests the assistance of an Online Service Account through your service account. You are eligible with these exceptions. However, if an online service account is not connected and your service member does not provide the information he or she requires, the Service Records portal will not display the information.

If Your Service Member Resists Online: You will have to contact the Service Records portal for approval. If you request a closed appointment, you will have to ask the Service Records Portal to provide your request to the VAAP. There will be an automatic confirmation when you are ready. If the

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