Hubsan X4 - H107C unboxing and setup.

Hubsan X4 - H107C unboxing and setup.

hubsan drone in box

This small drone has the same impressive flight characteristics as the original X4 H107L, but the 107C is equipped with an HD camera allowing you to record your flights.

The Hubsan x4 107c has (with the included battery) approximately 6 minutes of flighttime on one charge, it might be advisable to buy a few extra batteries as they are not expensive.

An SD card is not included in the box - so if you want to record video it is a good idea to have one ready.

It's also a good idea to order extra propellers, although there are a few extra in the package, they are quite fragile - and even with protective ring mounted, you'll quickly need a few more.


The box:

The box contains:

  • Hubsan X4 HD - H107C
  • Propeller
  • 380 mAh battery X4
  • USB charging cable
  • 2.4 GHz transmitter (remote control)


hubsan in box opened
  • Protection Ring (hidden beneath the plastic casing) 
hubsan  box - protection ring


  • Propeller tool
hubsan propeller tool

Getting airborne

  • Start by charging the battery.
hubsan charger


  • Unless you are an expert drone-pilot it's a very good idea to use the provided protection ring:


hubsan add protection ring
  • Start by unmounting the propellers using the provided tool - do make a note of wich propeller goes where, for when you remount them (the propellers are either an A and a B version - this can be seen on the bottom - if the propellers are mounted incorrectly the drone won't take off)


hubsan propeller removal


  • Once the propellers are unmounted :
hubsan without propellers
  • Pop on the protection ring:
    hubsan with protection ring


  • Remount the propellers:
hubsan with ring and propellers


  • Add the batteries to the controller:
hubsan controller with batteries

And your're good to go, the last part is to connect the battery when it is fully charged, and follow the instructions to reset the gyroscope.


  • The camera is 720p, and requires a lot of light to record decent video
  • The drone is easy to control, but is due to its size quite sensitive to wind, at the same time its size - and an impressive range makes it a bit difficult to control at greater distances.

All in all, the drone from hubsan is a fantastic toy, especially considering the price, and well suited to practice flying before moving onto the larger (and more expensive drones).